User Interface: Overview

This topic briefly describes the main elements of the PatchFactory interface.


PatchFactory v3 main window has the following menus: File, View, Group, Product, Version, Component(s), Difference(s), Patch(es) and Help.

File, View, and Help menus are always shown while Group, Product, Version, Component(s), Difference(s), Patch(es) - only when the appropriate node is selected within the Product Tree.


Also Version Files Editor and Version Difference Editor have their own menus.


Select the appropriate topic to read about commands of a particular menu.


The next interface item is the control panel. It is placed below menus. You may use control panel buttons to:

· open/save/add Groups (pfg-files), Products (pfp-files), or Versions (pfv-files);
· compile/build differences and patches;
· add files to version components;
· view/edit differences;
· view/edit global program Preferences;


Main program window consists of four subwindows.

They are Product Tree window, Properties window, Output log window, and Messages window.



· Product Tree window is used to navigate through Groups of software products, software products, versions of software products, their differences and patches.

Available actions with tree elements can be made if you right-click with your mouse on the appropriate element.


· Properties window is used to view / edit properties of the corresponding Product Tree element, such as Product, Version, Difference, or Patch.

Select the appropriate node within the Product Tree to view/modify properties of tree elements .

You can also switch between properties of available products within Group using tabstops at the head of the Properties window.


· Output log window is used to view output log of performed operations.


· Messages window is used to view output messages such as warnings or errors.


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