Update and Support

· Update


As a registered user of PatchFactory v3 or less you will be able to receive all minor updates of PatchFactory free of charge.

It means that by purchasing version 3.1, you have also purchased 3.2, 3.3 and all other 3.x versions, but not version 4.0 and later. However, at the present time there we are not planning to release a new major version update and it is entirely possible that only minor versions will ever be published.


Just download the latest release of PatchFactory from our company's URL and install it without uninstalling the previous version. This will preserve your registration. You can also download the latest update module.


Update information: www.agensoft.com/updates

Download information: www.agensoft.com/download.html


Registration renewal:

Registration renewal: to renew your registration of PatchFactory you can use the appropriate discounted upgrade link at http://www.agensoft.com/order.html

As soon as we check your registration info and your payment is processed, a new registration key will be sent to you via email to unlock your copy of PatchFactory software.

Major version upgrade is offered to our current customers (Personal and Commercial licenses) at a discounted rate (50% discount). Corporate customers receive any version updates & upgrades free of charge during lifetime of the product.


If the registration code is no longer present on your system just re-enter it like the first time and restart the program.


If for any reason your registration code becomes invalid or lost send an e-mail to sales@agensoft.com with details of your previous registration. You will receive a new code via e-mail at no charge as soon as we validate your old registration data.


You can subscribe to our newsletter at our site www.agensoft.com to be informed of the latest information about product updates, site news and corporate events.


· Support


If you have a question regarding the operation of PatchFactory, please take a moment to review the most common Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs). You may find there the answer you are looking for! If there is no answer do not hesitate to contact us. We'll help you and respond to your message as soon as possible (usually within 24 to 48 hours).


Support information: http://www.agensoft.com/support


You can use our online email-form (preferably) to contact us. Just fill all necessary fields and click on "Send Email" button. Do not forget to select the correct Question Category for your message and write the detailed description of your problem - it can significantly shorten the respond time.


All comments and suggestions concerning improvements to PatchFactory are appreciated!

If you can help us with implementing of other languages support for our web-site, PAD-file descriptions of PatchFactory, PatchFactory program interface, or update installation dialogs, please email us, you can get a free registration!

But, please, don't send any translations prior to contacting us (required), because this language support can be already under development.


When asking for technical support please inform us about the following:

PatchFactory version installed (from the "About" dialog including build number)
Full OS version installed (including Service Pack installed and Localization)
Detailed description of your problem (with a screenshot if possible)
Your registration information (if you are a registered user)


NOTE: before requesting technical support, please ensure that you are using the latest version of PatchFactory available from http://www.agensoft.com/download.html


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