Operation: Patch applying

Patch module prepared with the help of PatchFactory is an executable module (Windows GUI application), that incorporates update data and apply parameters.

You can customize the appearance of update program by yourself at patch building step.


NOTE: It is recommended to apply the patch created on systems under Windows NT4/W2K/XP/2003 (on NTFS volumes) with Administrator rights.


· Interface of the update program:

All features of patch module installation (except file update procedure) are implemented using standard InnoSetup resources.

Source codes of scripts used are available for free modification / enhancement.


· Title bar:

The title shows the application name including version: < Setup - "Product name" update >.


· Update Installation Wizard Dialogs:

These wizard dialogs guide you to apply the patch package for updating your application/software files or folders.

To apply the patch you should execute patch file and follow the instructions in Update Installation Wizard.


The maximum number of main Update Installation Wizard dialogs is 7 which include:


Select Setup Language dialog : Here you can select the appropriate language for all wizard dialogs.



Welcome dialog : This is a welcome dialog that shows main installation instructions to your end-user.



Detection of installed version : Here you can observe which version number is determined. If Installation Wizard is not able to determine the version that he can update the application to then you'll see a warning - in this case installation will not continue.



Update Installation parameters : This dialog (if enabled) provides you with an option to be able to perform Rollback of the Update module installed. You can specify a folder where all files necessary to perform a Rollback will be stored.



Ready to Install : Here you can see the summary of all update installation tasks. Click <Install> to perform the Update Installation.



Installation progress : This page is shown during the actual installation process and displays all files that are being updated.



Finish : This dialog indicates the status of patch installation: whether it was completed successfully or not.





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