Operation: Old Version Side Properties group

Old Version side Properties are used during compilation of the difference between versions when selected version is considered as an old one.



Available options


Old Version Side

Version Key

Yes, No

Set selected file as a version key

Update Method


Don't allow update by diff,

Don't update

Set the update method .

Allow delete

Yes, No

Allow old file/folder deletion on the end-user's machine.

Backup for deleted

Yes, No

Backup file/folder if it should be deleted on the end-user's machine at patch applying.

Allow delete on reboot

Yes, No

Allow file/folder deletion after next system reboot (if selected file/folder was locked during update installation).

Delete read-only

Yes, No

Allow selected file/folder deletion if it is marked as read-only on the end-user's machine.

* Default properties values are marked with Bold font.


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