Operation: Getting Started

PatchFactory is designed simple yet well thought-out to minimize the time and involvement required in creating and managing software updates.

Integrating PatchFactory technology into your application is a simple process that can be completed in just a few minutes.


Using this step-by-step Getting Started information helping you to create an update module from creating a new group to building the result update module which you deploy to maintain your end-users up-to-date. Using PatchFactory's efficient and innovative patch building engine you can deliver a smaller update or patch module to your end-users instead of the full software distribution package to ensure that your customers have the newest version.


Let's open the PatchFactory program and start a new project.

1) Open PatchFactory.

Use the Start menu to launch the PatchFactory program.

You will find PatchFactory under:

Start > Programs > AgenSoft > PatchFactory3 (if you haven't changed the default program location during installation).


Now you are ready to proceed to creating of a Group of software products...


See also: PatchFactory Flash-based Tutorial which is available online at agensoft.com/pftutor.html and also from the local menu: "Start -> Programs -> AgenSoft -> PatchFactory3 -> Flash Tutorial".


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