Getting Started: Creating New Product

To create a new Product select the desired Group node within the Product tree and select from menu {File > New > Product}.

This will initiate a "New Product Dialog" which screenshot you can see below.



Dialog options:


· Product Name:

Enter the Product Name you want to build the update module(s).

Product Name must form a valid name of file thus using of such symbols as < > : " / \ | * ? is not allowed.


· Product GUID:

Special Product parameter. Generated automatically.


· Location:

Enter the full path to the Project files location or click the "Browse" button to navigate to the folder.


Refer to the "Concepts and definitions" section for more information concerning Product definition in terms of PatchFactory and Product parameters list.


After New Product is created you can define other (optional) Product parameters or import them from a PAD-file.

* If you have problems importing your PAD file, try to open it using Internet Explorer first.

It is assumed that your PAD file is a valid XML document and Internet Explorer may point you to XML syntax errors if any.



Dialog options:


· Product


· Product Name:

Contains Product Name you have entered.


· Product GUID:

Contains generated Product GUID.


· Location Repository:

Click to invoke "Location Repository" dialog.


· Company


· Company Name:

Your Company's name.


· Web URL:

Your Company's Web-site URL..


..... and other parameters


Location Repository dialog:



Click "Add" to add records to the Location Repository that define the source where Version Components files locations are taken from.

For more detailed information please refer to Location Repository section of this manual.


The next step after you're finished with New Product creation, is New Version creation>.


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