Getting Started: Creating Differences

To add Difference(s) to the Version select the desired Version node within Product tree and select Differences node within Product tree and choose from menu {Differences > Differences Manager} or right-click on the appropriate Differences node within Product tree.



This will invoke "Difference Manager" (the screenshot you can see below).


Refer to the "Concepts and definitions" section for more information concerning Difference definition in terms of PatchFactory.



Here you can see all available Versions for this Product that you can make Differences.

Select appropriate versions from the list that you want to add a Difference.

You can sort available versions list by Version Number, Release date, Ancestor status or version GUID.


Tabs description:


· Version

Indicates version number string.


· Release date/time

Indicates version release date/time.


· Ancestor

"+" indicates that this version is an ancestor to the active Version.



Automatically generated Version's unique identifier.


The next step after you're finished with New Version creation, is Creating New Patch Module for the current Version >.


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