Getting Started: Adding New Version

To create a new Version select the desired Product node within the Product tree and select from menu {Product > New Version} or click the New Version button in the main tollbar.



This will initiate a "New Version Dialog" which you can below.



Dialog options:


· New version number:

Enter the New Version Number. It can be changed later after version creation.

Version number must form a valid name of file, thus using of such symbols as < > : " / \ | * ? is not allowed.


· Release date/time:

Enter the Version Release date and time here.

Click drop-down arrow select date and time using a calendar.



· Inherit from version:

Select version which is parent relative to this one. Parent version properties are inherited by the new version.

· Clone all components:

Select this option to create empty components identical to the components of the parent version in the new version.

· Create diff to parent version:

Select this option automatically create difference to selected parent version.

· Diff's migration:

- Don't migrate

Do not copy or move any differences from parent version.

- Copy all diffs from parent version

All differences created in parent version will be copied to the new version.

- Move all diffs from parent version

All differences created in parent version will be moved to the new version.

· Copy parent patches:

Select version which is parent relative to this one.


Refer to the "Concepts and definitions" section for more information concerning Version definition in terms of PatchFactory and Version parameters list.



After New Version is created you can define additional (optional) Version parameters.



Dialog options:


· Version Number:

Contains Version Number you have entered at the previous step.


· Release date:

Contains Release date of this version. Optional parameter.


· Version ID:

Generated automatically and cannot be changed after version is created.


· Parent version:

Indicates Parent version number relating to the selected version. Optional parameter.


· Program type:

Indicates program type. Can be defined as Shareware, Freeware, Adware, Demo, Commercial, or Data Only. Optional parameter.


· Release Status:

Indicates program release status type. Can be defined as Major Update, Minor Update, New Release, Beta, Alpha, or Media Only. Optional parameter.


· Install Support:

Indicates program install support properties. Can be defined as Install and Uninstall, Install Only, No Install Support, or Uninstall Only. Optional parameter.


· OS Supported:

Shows program's supported OS'es list. Choose OS'es your software supports. Optional parameter.


· Language:

Shows program's supported Languages list. Choose Languages your software supports. Optional parameter.


· Cost:

- US$: program cost in US$

- Other: select the appropriate currency from the drop-down list to specify program cost in other currency then US$.



The next step after you're finished with New Version creation, is Adding Component(s) to this Version >.


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