Getting Started: Version Files Editor

To add files to the Component select the desired Component node within the Product tree choose from menu {Component > Component Files} or click the Component Files button in the main tollbar.



This will invoke "Version Files Editor" (see screenshot below).



To add files to the selected component navigate to the desired folder in the right-bottom "File Browser" subwindow and drag-and-drop files to the "Version ... Image (id=v....)" window.



Select Version Key file(s) (used to determine the version number on the end-user's machine). You can do it by selecting the appropriate file within selected Component and changing its "Version Key" property to Yes (in the "Properties" subwindow to the right). Files, marked as Version Keys are underlined in the "Version Image" window. Refer to the Installed Version Detection section of this manual for more information on Version Keys definition and possible usage hints.



Then set Component's Key File(s). Right-click on the desired file and select "Set as Key" in the drop-down or select a file you want to make Key and then choose from menu {Edit > Set as Key}. Key Files are used to determine whether a whole Component is installed on the end-user's machine or not. Thus they must exist during all Version Component's life.



· To get the description of all menu items, please, refer to the Version Files Editor Menu section of this manual.


· For more information on using Version Files Editor and for detailed description on the , please, refer to Version Files Editor section of this manual.


The next step after you're finished with New Version creation, is Adding Child Version >.



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