Full-featured byte-level patching system for reliable software updating. Innovative and reliable software update technologies.
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 DF SDK - Comprehensive solution to create secure reliable full-history software updates and patches.


Software development kit which provides effective creation of file patches and updates, and integrating of the difference building and applying process directly into you own software product(s). Unlike other available products, DF SDK does not simply create incremental patches, but analyzes each file at the byte level and builds the difference for updating the target file on the end-user's system.
DF SDK does not deal with any specific data structures, it operates with files as a binary data, and thus DF SDK is designed to work well on files of any type including executables, libraries, data files and others. DF SDK can be used to build a compact byte-level difference for two binary files with the following reconstruction of the new version file(s) using an old file and the result difference file on the target machine.
Available as a standard dynamic link library (DLL), DF SDK can be used almost with any Windows development language. The DF SDK API is designed to be simple enough to integrate it into your existing products/solutions, and to provide a high-grade of performance and flexibility. DF SDK comes with sample programs, and includes examples which can simplify patch creation and applying.
If you have changed just a couple of lines in your document, or records in your database - DF SDK will produce a file containing only difference with the size of not more than those changes! The size of your software, database or document doesn’t matter - only difference between versions does!
You can also use DF SDK to integrate into your application an efficient synchronization of huge databases and documents among different departments of your company. Updated several records in a huge database you can send an easy-to-install small yet reliable update packages instead of a huge full-sized document(s) or database(s) which are many megabytes or gigabytes in size to lots of e-mail addresses every day (or even more often).
The innovative patch building features include high-speed comparing of files with size up to 2^63 Bytes (~8589934592 Gb) and flexible control under ratio "time/result" with the help of different comparing methods selection. The patching engine is not content dependent, so it may be used whenever data is changed at one location and must be efficiently updated at another.
DF SDK can be used as an efficient instrument in solving of the following problems: Software updating/patching; Differential backup; Version control.

The idea behind DF SDK is simple: when modified file(s) must be transmitted, send only the recent changes (byte-level differences) stored in one reliable self-installing update module rather than the entire software installation package. PatchFactory lossless byte-level compression is not content dependent, so it may be used whenever data is changed at one location and must be efficiently updated and/or archived at another.

DF SDK patching engine efficiency

The table below contains the examples (implemented for well-known software products main exe-files), illustrating the efficiency of df-files in comparison with LZMA-compression. Percentage values show the ratio of the LZMA-compressed file and df-file sizes to the size of a new file.
DF SDK patching/differencing engine efficiency.

  DF SDK patching/differencing engine efficiency.

See also: DF SDK End-User License Agreement, DF SDK Online Help system.


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May 15th, 2008
PatchFactory v3.3.4 update is available.
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January 29th, 2007
PatchFactory v3.3.3 update is available for free download.
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December 25th, 2006
DF SDK v1.0.2.2 released.
Improved performance for diff applying engine.
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December 11th, 2006
DF SDK v1.0.2.1 released.
Improved performance for diff building engine.
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October 19th, 2006
DF SDK v1.0.2 released.
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October 10th, 2006
DF SDK v1.0.1 released. Software Development Kit which provides integrating of effective patching / differencing for files of any type and size into your application(s).
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October 24th, 2005
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October 4th, 2005
PatchFactory v3.3
released. New language modules for patch installation and improved performance of patch building engine!
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